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Operated by Brian Hays, a life long lover of everything scooters, Perth Scoots are proud to supply Western Australia with modern classic scooters from both Royal Alloy and Scomadi.


Aimed at providing a new era in scootering for followers of iconic design whilst featuring the latest in frame
technology and component engineering, machines manufactured by Royal alloy and Scomadi have become the 'must have' modern classics. 

Their current ranges represent over 75 years of combined excellence in product design and engineering. This technical expertise and flair for design is brought together in a range of models offering both air and liquid cooled versions, each offering a high-end base specification at a value for money price.

Designed by scooter enthusiasts for scooter lovers, these marques represent a new standard in scooter ownership through timeless design, high levels of street appeal, reliability and customer support.

Welcome to Perth Scoots and we look forward to you taking!